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Why Choose Mobius IT Solutions?

We, like most IT support companies out there, have experience in all the support service phases from designing, installing, configuring, supporting, maintaining and troubleshooting your IT infrastructure BUT we want to do business differently:

  • We want to listen to what you want and adjust accordingly. We are totally flexible it terms of service agreements,

  • We want to support you the way you want it.

  • We want always to hear if there were things that you would like us to change or improve.

  • We want to make sure that you are comfortable with the service price you pay and that you see the value for the dollar spent.

  • We want to make sure that we are your IT partner that you can trust and rely on to make the best possible decisions and protect your investment.

  • We do not to make quick sale, we want to build long lasting partnership.

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Who we cater to

Outsourcing of IT related services today, by all studies and statistics, is a predominant way of managing IT systems especially for small to medium sized businesses. For businesses that have on average between 5 to 50 employees with smaller computer networks (up to 3 Servers and up to 50 Workstations) outsourcing is by far the most cost effective way of managing their systems and protect their investments in IT infrastructure.


Typical computer networks of that size, on average are an investment of few tens of thousands of dollars and ongoing maintenance and support costs for such a network on average are between few hundred to few thousand dollars a month.


Even this simple cost analysis confirms that outsourcing of IT support approach for those firms is the best option and this is why the focus of Mobius IT Solutions is to fulfill that big demand.


Besides being cost effective, the list of long-term benefits of outsourcing IT support includes professional service, increased efficiency, reduced risk, controlled costs, increased reach, better investment and improved focus on core business.

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